lundi 13 juin 2011

Daniel Gardiole, a young west indian pianist springs out of Paris suburbs

The Cathedral of Holy Cross Armenian hosted young artists as well as established talents in what is called HEURE MUSICALE au MARAIS  (music  hour of Marais).
These are free concerts with a small financial contribution from the public organized every weekend in June, July, August at  6 rue Charlot in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.
The day of Pentecost was the occasion to discover a young caribbean concert pianist with exceptional talent at his fingertips, 24 year-old Daniel Gardiole.
Daniel Gardiole was selected by the well – known newspaper Le Monde  for the presentation of young artists from the suburbs in 2006. Paying tribute to Paul Loyonnet he played "Histoire” by Jacques Ibert and  also a Sonata written in 1926 Lucien Durosoir. This is a violinist who dedicated himself to composition at the end of his career after the second world war. These works contain complex scores that demand all the virtuosity of a pianist.
The sonata “ Aube Sonate d’été” by Lucien Durosoir is so complex and requires a technique so brilliant and acrobatic that  it would take almost a third hand to Daniel to play with more ease.

It was  a pleasure for me to discover this young concert pianist of Caribbean origin who has the makings of a great musician. In my capacity as a journalist born in Guadeloupe, I commemorate my way this year 2011 dedicated to french overseas  regions and territories ( l’année de l’Outremer) and the International Year of African descent.

 I seek to enhance and highlight those, especially young people who want to earn their spurs because they have talent and skills and also because they want to be respected. There are  not just in sports. They  also exist in the arts and letters but also in areas not always accessible to black people for many years.

Alex J. URI

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